remember...remember...remember...with this we shall create peace

Transmissions and Messages by Laurelle Gaia

Somatic Power of Words in Creating and Manifesting

Remember the somatic power of the words you use in expressing your journey. The word Christ refers to a single being expressing the essence of enlightenment, HOWEVER, this being is viewed through the eyes of illusion as separate from the whole. The word Christing...

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A Message of Oneness

Greetings to each of you, who hold the vision of peace for your world. We ask you to wonder about Oneness. What is the truth in the meaning of Oneness? Does Oneness require an identity? Does Oneness require a form? Does Oneness desire to be special? Does Oneness...

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Blending the Pearlescent and Opalescent Rays for Peace

In this moment, we are here to share Divine light with you...this is the light from the Infinite Heart and the Infinite Mind of the Creator of all there is. And we speak to you of dimensional shifts, we speak to you of this work, we speak to you each into your hearts....

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Health of the Healers

Greetings on this beautiful day! We are speaking to you this morning on the topic of “health of the healers”.  We remind you that those of you who are incarnate at this time and are sensitive to the finer ethereal vibrations of creation, you the Earth’s sentient ones,...

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Keepers of the Snow

an infinite light transmission transmitted through:  Laurelle Shanti Gaia This is where the day contains the darkest of the light. Where as the chamber is approached, it appears to be yet another mountainous drift of snow.  It is visible to no man's eyes, yet they are...

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