What are the Infinite Light Transmissions™ ?

The Infinite Light Healing Studies Center (Infinite Light) has been evolving for over forty years, and has grown out of a personal childhood experience. One summer, while on vacation with my family, I was playing in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. I was pushed under the water by a wave, and was held under for what seemed to be eternity. Just as I began to panic, I was “inspired” to breathe very gently and not draw the water into my lungs, but to simply “ask” the oxygen in the water to help me breathe. I did exactly that, and immediately became calm and peaceful.

I then saw a light growing gradually brighter and from this light a form came forth. I recognized this form to be Jesus, and he was surrounded by many spiritual beings, that I now recognize to be Amitabha Buddha, Mother Mary and Kwan Yin.

As this form appeared clearer to me, from his heart area a bubble of light appeared. It was beautiful, shimmering and iridescent. The bubble dissolved, slowly and gently and from it emerged a beautiful energetic representation of the Christed Consciousness, the essence of enlightenment, Utumei; and I heard:

“Laurelle, remember, remember, remember. With this together we shall create peace”.

In that moment I found myself standing up, unharmed and very happy to be alive.

I didn’t think much of this experience for many years. However, powerful events in my life unfolded to teach me of energy, and the fact that we are all spiritual beings capable of radiating the full power of Divine healing love, and that we are truly limitless.

In 1994, Utumei “returned” and I began to receive light and energetic messages containing certain vibrations and information. One of the messages said that these were “transmissions of Infinite Light”.

I timidly began to share this information, as I was guided, with people who I knew to be experienced with healing energies, prayer and the power of positive thought.

To my humble and utter amazement, every person who allowed the essence of the transmissions into their personal lives, or their healing work, reported beautiful experiences of healing, spiritual growth and empowerment.

Many have found, that after exposure and integration of these energies, they became keenly aware of their personal “calling” in life. They awakened to their latent abilities as artists, musicians, composers, healers, effective parents, inspirational speakers, etc. Simply by allowing their own Infinite Light, people are remembering who they are.

It is from these experiences that the training programs, services, networking connections and products that we share through the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center have grown.

It is my sincere prayer that those who feel a heart connection to Infinite Light, will allow it into their lives, and that it assists them in awakening, remembering, fully expressing and BEing their Divinity.

Be Peace Now, Infinite Spectrum and Sacred Circles originated from the energy contained within the Infinite Light Transmissions.

Om Shanti Gaia … Laurelle