About Laurelle Gaia

I have a soul level knowing that all things are energy, even peace. I have seen firsthand how prayer and Reiki can change the energy of a human being so much that radical chemo therapy treatments have little side effect. I have seen Reiki set a broken bone, and heal a burn before my eyes. I don’t just believe in the power of spiritual energy to transform I know it to be so. I am convinced that we can utilize what we have learned about Reiki for healing humans and apply it to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness and work together to co-create the promised “age of peace”.

What are the Infinite Light Transmissions™ ?

The Infinite Light Healing Studies Center (Infinite Light) has been evolving for over forty years, and has grown out of a personal childhood experience. One summer, while on vacation with my family, I was playing in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. I was pushed under the water by a wave, and was held under for what seemed to be eternity. Just as I began to panic, I was “inspired” to breathe very gently and not draw the water into my lungs, but to simply “ask” the oxygen in the water to help me breathe. I did exactly that, and immediately became calm and peaceful.

A Message of Oneness

Greetings to each of you, who hold the vision of peace for your world. We ask you to wonder about Oneness. What is the truth in the meaning of Oneness? Does Oneness require an identity? Does Oneness require a form? Does Oneness desire to be special? Does Oneness...

Health of the Healers

Greetings on this beautiful day! We are speaking to you this morning on the topic of “health of the healers”.  We remind you that those of you who are incarnate at this time and are sensitive to the finer ethereal vibrations of creation, you the Earth’s sentient ones,...

Keepers of the Snow

an infinite light transmission transmitted through:  Laurelle Shanti Gaia This is where the day contains the darkest of the light. Where as the chamber is approached, it appears to be yet another mountainous drift of snow.  It is visible to no man's eyes, yet they are...