11 ~ Creating Sacred Space

The exercise described here precedes every peace session. It can also be used anytime you wish to create a sacred space for meditation and healing, or raise the light vibration of any situation.

raise the light vibration of any situation.

Stand with legs shoulder width apart, (or sit in lotus position) arms extended left palm facing up and right palm facing down.

Do three deep ascending heart breaths. Do this by forming the intention, or imagining that when you inhale you bring the breath into your ascending heart, and exhale from the ascending heart.

Feel Altea within the ascending heart – chant Altea in 6 sets of 3 as it expands and encompasses your whole body.

This process “Sets the Altea Space”.

1. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors stellar gateway apex
2. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors Gaia gateway apex
3. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors front point
4. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors back point
5. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors left point
6. Altea~Altea~Altea . . . anchors right corner


Sets the Altea Space

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.