10 ~ Healing Power of Sound

Those who do experience sensations may, at other times, feel as if nothing is happening. When we reach a certain frequency within the activation process, the energy shifts to the function of sealing the light into the bodies rather than continuing to increase the vibrational rate. As this sealing process is taking place it cannot be perceived by most people. Know that the energy is continuing to work, but it is working on a higher level than we can discern with our physical senses. Once the sealing is complete, and daily practice continues, amplification of the frequency will begin again.

It is important to maintain the commitment to regular practice during these times.

To experience the maximum vibrational change, it is important to do the sessions daily. However, the Divine energy that is weaving the stream of peace as we work, may, from time to time guide us to stop for a day, a week, or longer. If this happens, don’t be discouraged. Remember you are one of many people who are helping to create this tapestry of peace, and the energy balance is key. There is a larger picture here than any of us can see at this time. If you are guided to stop for any reason, do so. When you feel ready to start again, you must do so from the very beginning. By doing this you are helping to strengthen the foundation for peace.

The practices illustrated in this section include working with the symbols and energy, meditation, affirmation, and chanting. When we participate in daily peace sessions, it will take 11 weeks to move through the course the first time. Here is what you will do each day of the designated week:

  • Week 1
    Prayer/sacred intention
    Create the sacred space
    Session 1
  • Week 2
    Prayer/sacred intention
    Create the sacred space
    Session 2
  • Week 3
    Prayer/sacred intention
    Create the sacred space
    Session 3
  • Week 4
    Prayer/sacred intention
    Create the sacred space
    Session 4
  • Week 5-11
    Prayer/sacred intention
    Create the sacred space
    Combination sessions

When you have finished this course, the initial energetic attunements will be complete. You can begin again and go all the way through the program, to move yourself to the next level.

There is great healing power in sound. Chanting specific mantras has been done throughout the ages to raise vibrational levels to reach higher states of consciousness.

The primary chant used in this work is “Om Shanti Gaia”. Om being the power of the Infinite Divine Love which guides our universe. Shanti means peace, and of course Gaia is the living being that is our mother Earth.

When we chant “Om Shanti Gaia” we are invoking the full power of Infinite Love, the essence of peace and offering this to the earth.

You will notice at the close of each of the sessions we chant “Om Shanti Gaia” for at least three minutes. The longer you chant, the higher the vibration becomes, and the more positive, loving, peaceful healing energy you offer out into the collective consciousness. So chant for as long as you feel guided, and notice how you feel as you do this. When you are out in nature, you may notice that the chant takes on a different quality.

Om Shanti Gaia was offered initially with the Infinite Light Transmissions. It was reinforced one day during personal sacred ceremonial practice in the center of Stonehenge. As I meditated with the altar stone I began to hear it chant “Om Shanti Gaia” to me. It was as if I was hearing chants that transcend time and space as we perceive it. Every time I chant now I feel a resonance with that altar stone at Stonehenge.

You may chant “Om Shanti Gaia” as a guttural, or ancient sounding chant, or it may become songlike. Let it take whatever form feels right for you in the moment. If you don’t like your “singing” voice, this is an opportunity to heal that perception. You will find, as you are doing these sessions, you become an instrument for spiritual energy to move through. If you will set your ego, or fears aside and simply let the energy flow through your voice, you may be very pleasantly surprised at the sounds you produce.

Let’s begin by learning the process for creating sacred space, and the components of each of the sessions. First we will explore how we create sacred space by using our first symbol, Altea.

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.