09 ~ Daily Peace Offerings

This course includes illustrations and instructions for daily Infinite Light peace sessions, as well as journal worksheets to record your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

In addition to the basic content of this course, a key factor to the success of this work is sacred intention, and Divine command.

Marcel Vogel, an IBM researcher stated that intent produces an energy field, and our thoughts and emotions affect living things around us.

Sacred intention is focused thought, communicated from the center of one’s soul to their Divine creative intelligence. Sacred intention is stated with simplicity and clarity, and is further empowered when spoken in the form of a prayer of gratitude for the manifestation of the intention.

Divine command is claiming of one’s own power of creation through focused thought from the brain frequency known as the theta state. In theta state our brain waves slow to 4-7 cycles per second. This is the state used in hypnosis. As I am writing this my brain waves are are cycling at 14-28 cycles per second and I am in beta state. When one practices the daily peace sessions, theta state can be attained at will, which empowers the sacred intention and Divine command.

Prior to beginning the daily peace sessions it is suggested that each peacemaker form their personal sacred intention and state it in the form of prayer and Divine command.There is also an exponential effect when each of us, who participates in this course, offers the same prayer. The following is the example that many are using.

“Thank you Creator …for this sacred prayer, the Divine command for perfect peace for all creation.

Thank you for complete harmony among all people now.Thank you for this prosperous world where all resources are shared peacefully and joyously.Thank you that humanity ’s consciousness is harmonized with Gaia now.

Thank you that we give back to her as much as we take.Thank you that we care for Gaia , and all life with deep love.” And So It Is

The Infinite Light peace sessions are a series of energetic activations, which allow us to infuse high vibrational frequencies of light into our physical and etheric bodies simultaneously. As we are able to hold these higher frequencies of light we become more peaceful within, and more aligned with our purpose in life. This allows us to live more as our higher self, or our “Divine self”. Imagine a world where all people are living as their higher self!

Many healing forms or spiritual practices such as Reiki involve energetic attunements or activations in the form of transmissions passed from one person who has been empowered to do so to one who wishes to receive. These forms contribute greatly to the spiritual evolution of humanity, and are among the keys to moving into the Age of Peace.

Infinite Light peace sessions differ from these age old practices in that the peacemaker receives activations of their energy system, directly from the Divine, by simply practicing the daily peace sessions.

It is important for participants of this course to realize that from time to time very intense vibrational changes take place instantaneously, which may create strong sensory impressions. These can take many forms such as; sensing color or sound, feeling energy moving through the body, feeling warm, or cold, feeling “tingles”, or the sensation that waves of energy or light are passing through you. Some people are less sensitive to the sensation of the energy and may not feel these things, which is normal as well. The goal is not to experience the “phenomena”, it is to participate daily and allow growth to take place.

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.