08 ~ The Symbols

Symbols have been used in healing, and spiritual practice throughout history. The symbols used in this course are transcendental in nature, meaning they are connected directly to the Divine consciousness. Each symbol is a representation of a unique vibration, and creates a specific effect.

The symbols introduced here are Altea, Anye, Utumei, and Om Shanti Gaia.

Altea (ahl-tay-ah)-Sacred Space Creation

This symbol creates an octahedron (double, 4-sided pyramid) of golden light around the peacemaker. By activating the symbol at the ascending heart center, golden light flows and expands to create a golden octahedron of light surrounding all of the participant’s bodies.

Utilizing Altea creates a strong energy field which has the power to completely and perfectly integrate energies contained within it. When one is sealed within this sacred space only high frequency light can exist within the chamber. All light energy work done in this space is enhanced.

Each pyramid, in this application, has a four-sided base. The bottom pyramid is inverted with the apex passing through and connecting just beyond the Gaia Gateway, the top pyramid is upright with the apex passing through and connecting just beyond the Stellar Gateway.

The base of each pyramid intersects the ascending heart, and the essence of the symbol Altea remains active at this energy center. Once activated a sacred chamber of high frequency light is created.

Anye (ahn yay) Aligning Heaven and Earth

Anye aligns the soul star with the earth star, allowing perfect integration of the Divine essence of stellar and earth energies within the human energy system. It has a grounding effect much more suitable to a participant of this course than meditations or techniques that connect one strongly to the earth energy only.

Utumei (oo-too-may) The Essence of Enlightenment

Utumei is the symbol of the Christed Consciousness, Divine Light, the essence of enlightenment.

Use of this symbol assists in release of egoic interference to the integration and acceptance of our personal Divine power. Utumei helps us dissolve the veils of fear; fear of being all that we truly are.

Om Shanti Gaia – Peace through Transformation of Fear

Om Shanti Gaia activates the essence of peace within the soul of Gaia. This symbol facilitates the peacemaker’s ability to dream with Gaia and help awaken humanity to perfect peace as our reality. As the family of Gaia, the peaceful essence of our souls is activated from within as we integrate the emanations of Om Shanti Gaia.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to peace. Fear of not having power, fear of not having enough food, water, clothing, land, work, etc. Fear is at the root of anger , greed, illness and war.

When we realize that we can collectively create a world of abundance, by simply sharing the resources we have, and learning to live in harmony with our Earth, we can transform fear into peace.

Fear is simply lack of love, and where love is lacking, peace cannot prevail. There are specific exercises in this course that are designed to transform fear by infusing the fear vibration with the high frequency light of love.

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.