07 ~ Our Subtle Energy System

Our bodies, and Gaia’s, are much more than physical forms We also have an etheric energy field, which consists of spiritual, mental and emotional layers, woven into a cocoon of light. It is this cocoon of energy that houses our life force. We also have energy centers, or chakras, which act as valves for life force energy to flow in, around and through.

Chakra centers of energy align the human body’s biological systems and link them with the external energy fields. When the centers are purified, and vibrationally accelerated they create network portals for sending and receiving light. This illustration represents the primary chakras utilized in the course, with the Stellar and Gaia gateways creating portals which anchor and seal in high frequency light.


The Ascending Heart chakra helps us hold higher frequencies of light when it is activated. The Ascending Heart is the Power center for the Age of Peace.


In these exercises we will learn how to activate the Ascending Heart, which contains the personal essence of our Godself. We will use this to create a sacred space, within which to work.

Once the Ascending Heart is activated it expands and encloses us within an octahedron of golden light, cocooned in multidimensional spheres.

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.