04 ~ The Gaia Hypothesis

The Gaia Hypothesis

“Our Planet,Mother Earth, is a Living Being and all life forms are her offspring”

This course is based on the wisdom that all of creation is energy, and that Gaia is the living being we know as our planet Earth. Gaia is an energetic being with a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. She is affected by environmental, mental, and emotional toxins just as the human body is. Additionally Gaia is healed through the energetic balancing effects of spiritual healing, light transmissions and prayer energy.

The Gaia Hypothesis

“Our Planet,Mother Earth, is a Living Being and all life forms are her offspring”

The Gaia Hypothesis was formulated by Dr. James Lovelock, A British chemist specializing in atmospheric sciences. NASA requested that Dr. Lovelock and other researchers search for evidence of life on Venus and Mars. Through this research it became apparent that the Earth’s atmosphere is unique within our solar system.

Dr. Lovelock considered the history of the Earth’s evolution to be from an environment that supported the earliest life forms, small and simple beings that lived in the oceans and were less than a single cell. Gradually, the atmosphere shifted from a dominance of carbon dioxide, to a predominant mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, which began to create an atmosphere that would favorably support animals and humans.

Could this mean that we, as Gaia’s children are evolving as she is. Mother Earth creates from within her being all forms of life. Does this prove that God is in Gaia, and in her children?

dolphin_danceOur body contains billions of cells working together as a single life form, just as billions of life forms on Gaia become a living super organism.

We can recognize the contribution of our seas and our atmosphere serving as Gaia’s respiratory system sharing oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Gaia’s circulatory system is comprised of our waterways and streams.

Our planet’s meridians and nadis are invisible leylines moving through and around her body supporting her flow of life force energy.

As the moon contracts and expands it’s gravitational force, so beats the pulse of Gaia and all who harmonize with her.

Humans who soul-resonate with Gaia find the cycles of their life aligning with the seasons of the year.

The Gaia Hypothesis was named for the Greek Goddess who drew the living world forth from Chaos. There is spiritual power in the sound of the name Gaia. Chanting it calls forth Gaia’s IAM presence.

This healing IAM presence of our Earth Mother will assist us as we awaken from chaos to the Age of Peace.

As peaceweavers we are energetically impacting Gaia’s healing. We are learning to dream with Gaia and visualize a world at peace with an abundance of resources, for all people.

Your participation, at whatever level you choose, is acknowledged and appreciated. You are an instrument of peace and healing by the simple act of reading this and allowing your consciousness to flow and merge with the peace stream.